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Wolwedans Dam Hike | Groot Brakrivier

Wolwedans Dam Hike Cover
A lovely, low impact hike!

This hiking trail will lead you along the Great Brakrivier to the lookout point at the Wolwedans Dam.

This easy hike is 3km one way and you should allow approximately two hours. It is a beautiful river hike with good bird life.

To find the entry to the trail follow Charles Street in a northerly direction past the two churches on the right-hand side of the road. Vehicles can be parked at the municipal parking area.

Where the road starts up the slope, turn left onto the gravel road and through a farm gate which must be kept closed. Follow the path up the slope on the right. Then follow the path along the old water furrow which originally brought water to the village of Great Brak River and which also led water to the Searle’s Tannery – this date from 1896. The path leaves the furrow and crosses the river via a cement block that protects the pipeline from the dam to the Petro SA refinery in Mossel Bay.  You will soon find two yellowwood trees, an ideal place to picnic. Follow the path along the riverbank and eventually into the riverbed where you must be careful of loose stones. Continue until you reach the stairs to the viewing platform. This hike can be also be done by starting at the Pine Creek Caravan Park.

Wolwedans Dam: The dam was completed in 1986. The dam is a rollcrete arch-gravity type construction. The wall height above the lowest foundation is 70m, the crest length is 270m and the spillway capacity is 960 cubic meters per second. The gross storage capacity is 24 million cubic meters and the reservoir surface area at full supply level comprises 109ha. More information:044 620 3338 / 082 908 6633

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